Eurocantieri was born thanks to the union of the founder with his closest partners who boast a twenty-year experience in the field of nautical, under water works and resin products. This know-how allowed us to get into the National market at once, with professional competence and tangible results. Being a company with a clear core business made our investments  safe and aimed at.





Eurocantieri operates on National ground, in particular with the Harbour
Authority, the Ministry of Defence, Enel, public and private association and building firms.
Eurocantieri, lavori subacquei e marattimi


A strong environmental policy and a full time assistance operating twenty-four hours a day are a must for Eurocantieri.
UNI EN ISO 9001 – VISION 2000 (ed 15/12/2000) – CERTISO certifications are an answer to the quality of the services offered by Eurocantieri.

With these prerequisites we face all the tasks daily, leaving nothing to chance. We are constantly increasing our operating structure, caring for public relations and company communication.

Eurocantieri, lavori subacquei e marattimi
Struttura Aziendale Eurocantieri

The developing project area is in charge of the shipyard aspect, according to the orders of the project manager who will select the working team and will follow the project to is end. He will be the intermediary between the company and the customer.


Struttura Eurocantieri


Eurocantieri boast a dynamic and versatile company structure organized to meet a variety of interventions. It’s devided in two areas


The running of the project area is in charge of inspections and estimates. People working in this area have a high profile and experience so that they are able to evaluate with the client the best solution, realization time and costs.